Digital disruption, evolving consumer trends, and relentless competition are the challenges retail organizations face.  Alpha Muse works with retailers across all sectors to create and execute customized solutions that address these challenges and promote better profitability.  

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We are facing one of the largest industrial revolutions of our time. Technology and alternative business models have negatively impacted traditional retail. Shopping and buying have been disintermediated and Amazon is swallowing up $20 billion per year from traditional retailers. These 21st century issues cannot be addressed with last century solutions. Alpha Muse will work with you to develop and implement customized solutions that address your current challenges as well as prepare for the future. 

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It takes one to know one. To truly understand the challenges of a business leader, one must be one. We have been in leadership positions as well as founded companies, managed teams and understand the challenges you face. While the average consultant has been trained in theories and case studies, we’ve been in the trenches with you. We speak your language and view the world from your perspective.

We provide Operations-centric Consulting. The typical consulting team deployed to a client is coming from a finance point of view. This one-sided approach may have blind spots and missed opportunities. We approach a challenge with the Operations 360 mindset, which views the issue from different angles. We bring together a diverse group of business operations experts and former big 3 consultants to provide you with the best possible outcome for your organization. 

We establish and maintain strategic alliances with leading companies and subject matter experts to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. We have strategic partners in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to better handle our clients’ needs. These partnerships give our clients access to specialized services facilitating exceptional results.

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