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US Senate Passes the ECHO Act

Recently, the US senate has unanimously passed a bill (97-0) that many proponents agree may significantly improve the delivery of healthcare to people who live in rural America. The Expanding Capacity for Health Outcomes (ECHO) Act was initially developed and...

Trump Election & The Pharma Industry

President elect Donald Trump is not even in the white house yet but as a result of his win, stock prices for pharmaceutical and biotech companies increased but hospital and health insurers have seen their stock prices go down.  The healthcare industry showed one of...

Xcertia: What It Will Bring To mHealth

The boom in technology and mobile devices has led to an explosion of medical apps. Today there are hundreds of health-related apps available for download on androids, iphones, and other digital devices. Some apps strictly offer medical information but others offer...

Technology and the Future of Pharma

Modern day healthcare is characterized by a very strong element of continuous change all while conducting business in a highly regulated environment. Pharmaceutical companies face many operational challenges such as rise in production costs, pricing pressures, the...

Denver – The Next Silicon Valley?

Real estate, the cost of conducting business, and skill level of workforce play a role in the decision making process of choosing a business location. For startups, location is crucial. Denver offers a robust economic environment that is open to new businesses and...



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