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Alpha Muse is a New York City based firm offering services to companies and individuals in various stages of the intellectual property (IP) & business life cycle. Our mission is to demystify the process by educating our clients and helping them determine the value of their intangible assets, assist in asset transfer and outsourcing.  Our patent valuation and business valuation services assist IP holders and executives with the appropriate documents for various business transactions.  Our patent brokerage helps patent holders in commercializing their patent by either outright sale or license.  We also offer  business plancoaching and consulting services for innovators looking to start or expand a business.  

The global shift from an industrial labor economy to an intangible asset economy has corporations putting a high degree of importance in managing and acquiring intangible assets. The strength of  patent portfolios gives corporations a competitive edge in their prospective marketplaces.  Therefore, it is essential to know the value of their intellectual property and business.  Our business valuations and patent valuation studies are conducted by CFA Charterholders, CPA/ABV's, forensic accountants, market researchers, intellectual property experts, legal analysts, and finance professionals combining several methodologies to give a well rounded value to your company and intangibles.   

Starting a business and seeking funding can be very daunting especially to green entrepreneurs.  How do you get a plan that stands out and does not look boiler plate?  An original plan written from scratch by seasoned business professionals instead of something generated from a software program is how.  Our team of writers have all been in your position, have presented in front of investors, gained funding, and know what investors and banks are looking for.  We customize your business plan to suit your needs and are experts in the lean startup approach.  

Our coaching and consulting services are for entrepreneurs who are looking to commercialize their IP, start a new business or expand/restructure their existing business.  We offer a range of à la carte services as well as comprehensive business development packages.  Whether you are an established entrepreneur or a pre-revenue startup, Alpha Muse will assist you in all aspects of your business.     

Alpha Muse offers brokerage services to patented inventors in the commercialization of their IP either by outright sale or licensing to retailers, manufacturers, direct response marketers, or private individuals.  We will analyze your intellectual property and make a determination whether or not we can assist you in the sale or licensing of your IP. 

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